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BIOFREEZE® products with ILEX

Cryotherapy Pain Relief

BIOFREEZE products are a unique, effective pain reliever formulated to provide a variety of benefits for therapy, pain relief, exercise/training and overall comfort.

BIOFREEZE products contain ILEX, an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. ILEX is used around the world in various health & wellness formulations. BIOFREEZE topical analgesic does not use waxes, oils, aloe or petroleum. The result is a fast-acting, penetrating, long lasting pain reliever.

BioFreeze with ILEX

BIOFREEZE products can effectively help relieve pain from:

  • Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains
  • Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Painful Ankle, Knee, Hip & Elbow Joints
  • Muscular Strains

Use BIOFREEZE products to relieve pain prior to:

  • Ultrasound Treatments
  • Massage Therapy
  • Soft Tissue Trigger Point Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Exercises
  • Pre and Post Workout Stretch

BioFreeze Spray

Biofreeze Product Information

Relieve Pain Quickly

Lightly massage BIOFREEZE® into all sides of sore muscles. For joint pain, fully coat the area. When flexibility is decreased due to injury or arthritis, massage in and around the joint. BIOFREEZE® is particularly effective in lessening arthritis pain.

BIOFREEZE® can be used up to 4 times per day. When using tape, wraps or supports, be sure all materials are breathable. Never use nonporous materials when treating painful areas.

BioFreeze Relieve Pain

Patient Care

Patient response to massage therapy is enhanced when BIOFREEZE® is used to help relieve patient pain prior to treatment.

Most conditions that are treated by massage involve patient pain. Massage BIOFREEZE® into the painful area prior to the treatments to further lessen the discomfort.

BioFreeze Patient Care

Painful Movement

When pain hinders a patients ability to perform rehabilitation therapy and exercise the patient takes longer to heal. By massaging BIOFREEZE® into the sore muscles and joints the pain relief may make it easier for your patients to complete their exercise programs. BIOFREEZE® delivers fast pain relief, providing a "cool-revitalizing" feeling of well being.

BioFreeze Painful Movement


BIOFREEZE® can aid in the treatment of injuries and can be used in any supervised situation requiring the use of ice or breathable wraps.

BioFreeze Stretch


BIOFREEZE® with ILEX can aid training and rehabilitation by relieving pain. BIOFREEZE® should be applied as part of the "cool down", to minimize next day aches and pains. For sore muscles, apply directly to the area before exercise. When treating sore muscles, apply a generous amount of BIOFREEZE® and massage in. Follow-up massage with ice therapy as needed.

BioFreeze Exercise

Home Use

Your patients deserve the very best so recommend BIOFREEZE® for home use between office visits.

Applied topically at home, BIOFREEZE® can help patients and athletes reduce aches and pains commonly found in the lower back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip, as well as the ankle, elbow and wrist joints.

BioFreeze Home Use


BIOFREEZE® is extremely effective in helping people who have trouble sleeping due to nagging pain & discomfort. Users report receiving a full night of undisturbed sleep when BIOFREEZE® is applied just prior to bedtime. Be sure to prescribe (or get) a personal tube or roll-on or Cryospray™ for home use.

BioFreeze Home Use
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