How We Treat



  • Manual therapy: mobilisations and manipulations of the spine (neck and back) and peripheral joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot)
  • Massage: sports massage to promote healing and massage to promote relaxation
  • Electrotherapy; Ultra Sound and Inter Ferential therapies
  • Home exercises to promote healing and restore range of movement of a joint and to regain strength
  • Advice to promote healing and to avoid recurrence of the injury


  • For pain relief
  • To stop smoking
  • To reduce hay fever
  • To relief stress and anxiety
  • Internal Organ problems and skin conditions

A well established and extremely effective technique for muscle spasm and pain relief. This is helpful in a variety of conditions including headaches, neck and back pain, knee and shoulder pain, as well as arthritic conditions. All our physiotherapists are members of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) and are certified by the British Blood Donor Service.


  • Relaxation
  • Sports massage

Manual Therapy

Manipulation and mobilisation of joints to relieve stiffness and pain. Soft tissue release techniques and traction to improve flexibility, posture and function.

Sports Massage

The techniques used allow for gentle or deep soft tissue release as required. Massage helps improve circulation and reduce post-exercise soreness. It also increases flexibility, releases tight muscles and therefore enhances overall sports performance.


Practitioners in the clinic use Ultrasound and Interferential machines, which help reduce soft tissue swelling and pain and promote healing and recovery.

Core Stability Training

These techniques and exercises are based on the activation of the deep abdominal and low back muscles to protect the spine, through exercise. The results are, improved posture and body shape, reduced back pain, neck pain and headaches and enhanced sports performance.


Physiotherapists are skilled in advice and education for a variety of muscular and joint problems. We have specific exercises to help reduce pain, improve strength and endurance, returning you to full function and sporting ability. We provide tailored home exercises, specific to you personally, printed and created from our Physio tools software.

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