Patricia Chisnall

I suffered with a frozen shoulder for a period of 12 months and moving was becoming quite painful and restricted. I did not want to go to the GP just for painkillers and a long wait to see someone who could make a judgement on the condition and the treatment of my shoulder.

It was suggested I see a Physiotherapist who would have expert knowledge, training and experience in how to treat a frozen shoulder. I rang Hetty at Physio First and was given a quick date for assessment.

At the appointment a thorough examination was made to look at my arm movement and pain threshold; a programme of treatment and follow up exercises were given.

After the first week and return visit the improvement to mobility and pain was absolutely remarkable! It’s now my throd week and my sleep pattern is no longer disturbed by the pain from my arm and shoulder. Considering the past 12 months have been difficult, the improvement has been literally miraculous. Although not completely better, the improvement has been liberating!!

The exercises only take 10 minutes and I was quite thrilled that they are sent via email and demonstrated via a video – how can you go wrong? I even received the mail to my phone. 

Hetty’s attention to detail and guidance has proved to be extremely supportive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hetty and Physio First to colleagues, contacts, friends and family.

Patricia Chisnall
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